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Music is Virtue Lost by Celestial Aeon Project


In Vivo

In Vivo from Kenneth Macrohon on Vimeo.

In Vivo

This project is a title sequence to a fictional psychological thriller and science fiction movie called In Vivo.

The film features patients in a phobia treatment facility, which uses virtual reality exposure treatment technology to cure people’s fears. However, what happens when the patients still experience the phobia simulations outside the system?⎯ When boundaries between the virtual and the real blur?

The project uses illustrations from my research, as I asked other people to communicate personal perceptions of their phobias through sketches⎯what do they specifically fear?

Playing on the idea of fears coming to life, the atmospheric title sequence features invisible ink sketches created with milk.

The revealing drawings also represent the process of phobia treatment. To overcome a phobia, one must first admit the problem. Treating the phobia is also a process of exposure as the patient takes steps to finally be able to face the situation without fear.

Carousel- Into the Woods

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Based on an excerpt from “Into the Woods”, the carousel is made up of cut out illustrations and can fold out into a 3D form. I intended to capture the growing darkness in the story by the moon in the backgrounds getting eviler by the panel, as well as the trees becoming more grotesque.

Music Matters Australia and New Zealand- Tim and Jean

Presenting my animation just released today- a video about Tim and Jean and why music matters to their life as upcoming new talent.

Nudibranchs- Jewels of the Sea

An Illustration 2 project: a series of stamps based on aspect of aquatic life, which I focused on Nudibranchs.

Done with various food colouring, acrylics and bleach.

Trade Secrets graphics

Trades Secrets animations from mckensei on Vimeo.

A short montage of some of the animations I’ve worked on with the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures for the Trades Secrets: Skills For the Future series.

Collaborated with Sunny Wen from the conceptualisation stages then we were given different animations to create. The purpose of the animations were to explain concepts to everyday tradespeople so the speed had to be slow to allow the viewer to take the concepts in.

Music: Pasco Nocturne by Danubio Rodriguez

Miscellaneous- Character Designs

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Some miscellaneous concept sketches of character designs for an online group called “The Order of Black Knights”.